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What Matters Most

November 27, 2015

post28-Yupo2I think abstract art often fits within the description written by James Hollis in What Matters Most:  Living a More Considered Life. Of course he’s talking about life purpose, but I think it translates well to abstract art:


The maturity and differentiated capacity of ourpost28-Book Cover personality depends on respecting ambiguity [my emphasis], without which we would never grow, never question, never move out of the old uncertainties that once offered comfort, but in time only ratify ignorance and oblige constriction.

Isn’t this a cool idea for looking at any art? Treating it as an opportunity to flirt with uncertainty? I think so.


One of the things that I am working on right now is refining surfaces on 12 small (6 x 6 inch) cradled panels. I like these little panels because they seem so manageable and interesting when put next to each other. That’s not exactly how I am feeling at the moment, but I started with a lot of enthusiasm: gessoing each one black, adding tar gel and fiber paste to create a texture…then white gesso floats here and there. A little blue wash…some other colors to a few.  Now I am trying to figure out what to do next. I want to suggest the passage of time by eroding and adding to each one—I’ll have to see how these turn out.

post27-work in progress

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