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Black and white…and shades of gray

September 1, 2015

graphite/charcoal drawing on paper

Having rekindled my interest in drawing, specifically black and white drawing, I have fallen in love with its stark nature, buffered by the subtleties of gray, and with its potential as a medium for expressing ideas that feel documentary, nostalgic, and reductionist.

Some of my drawings experimenting with charcoal and powdered graphite are below. I love the depth of the black against the white paper.

First drawings in b/w

Book cover of Drawing Projects

Recently, I also found a book that is really swell: Drawing Projects – An Exploration of the Language of Drawing, published in the UK and full of luscious drawings and in-depth interviews with artists about their work and process. Here’s a little twist from artist, Gemma Anderson, who says:

The intention is always the same thing…to discover all the shapes and forms that exist in the world, which is ambitious, I know! But the more forms I draw, the more relationships I see and in turn, the more ideas I have about ways in which to draw one thing transforming or appearing as something else.

Nice idea.


And, continuing with the black and white theme, I’m excited to have three drawings in a show coming up this November at the Albuquerque Museum. I’ve been working with the notion of space and place, some of that “relationship between shapes and forms that transform”, described by Anderson above.  These are all small, 6.5 x 6.5 inches, graphite and compressed charcoal on paper.

post25-ABQ Museum show

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