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Art geography

July 3, 2015

Oil pastel from my sketchbook–has the feeling of travel for me

Not the art OF geography, not GEOGRAPHY art, but something like the human geography that Yi-Fu Tuan talks about in Space and Place and that I referred to in an older post. I don’t know if “art geography” is actually an established concept, but I am going to assign it some meaning and claim it because it gets at exactly what I am thinking about: the ability of an abstract composition/art work/created image to suggest space and give the viewer a vehicle into another reality. It’s still a relationship to real geographical space, but now imaginary. That might sound a bit obscure, but abstract paintings that “work” for me do exactly that.

A little background: defines geography as “The arrangement of features of any complex entity—the geography of the mind.” So, isn’t it just a small step to extrapolate to art geography? Complex entity?? …exactly!

Acrylic painting on canvas, 46 x 40

Veils, acrylic painting on canvas (two panels), 46 x 40 x 1.6

Here’s some geography of my own making:

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