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Another peek into space…and place

March 7, 2015

Selection from a painting about planetary travelI’m still thinking about Space and Place and I want to add a little more to my last post. I ran across another section in Yi-Fu Tuan’s book that talks about mythical space and place. Okay, I like it just for the title!

Here is an excerpt:

…mythical space is a fuzzy area of defective knowledge surrounding the empirically known; it frames pragmatic space….When we wonder what lies on the other side of the mountain range or ocean, our imagination constructs mythical geographies that may bear little or no relationship to reality. Worlds of fantasy have been built on meager knowledge and much yearning….the hazy “mythical” space that surrounds the field of pragmatic activity, to which we do not consciously attend and which is yet necessary to our sense of orientation—or being securely in the world.

That’s what I am after—a fuzzy, mythical space that satisfies a yearning. Art creates possibilities that are anchored in reality, but are not limited by its boundaries.  So, as I continue to fiddle with tree drawings, I’m trying to define the elements of space that says more than just “trees” or “forest.” It is more about hidden spaces beckoning to me. It references childhood memories and an adult search for that experience to be repeated.

Still exploring trees in drawing--these are small, done with graphite and charcoal

Still exploring trees in drawing–these are small, done with graphite and charcoal


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