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Staying focused

February 25, 2011

pencil sketch of line winding around flat card and then floating into space

I’m beginning to appreciate the idea of staying focused. I seem to get a lot more art made when I don’t multi-task, and instead, work on a piece for a few hours at a time. Since my studio is in the middle of my house it’s really easy to get sidetracked by my computer (oh dear) or any one of a million other things that I notice I could be doing. And I’m not a neat person who is well-organized and who puts everything in a space where I can find it again. I’m a chaotic operator who leaves my glasses in the garage and my paintbrush in my office.

And apparently I can “think” a lot faster than I can “do.” I have probably painted a dozen or more paintings in my head for each one I actually finish in reality. I need a way to download my brain more effectively! …I think that means I need to focus.

mixed media collage on 12 by 12 panelI just finished this piece yesterday. It’s a collage called “Losing Momentum.” I was thinking about the diffusion of activity we engage in that is often interrupted, in this case it’s the surface of the panel covered with faint lines crisscrossing, and small indeterminate shapes scattered around. I was going for a bit of chaos that is absorbed and controlled by being covered up or erased. I like that it is quiet looking with a few spots punctuated by brownish red ink.

I have this delightful paper punch that punches out squares. I’ve been using it a lot in my collages and occasionally in my paintings because it is such a perfect little shape. Little squares are buried on the surface of the above collage, but I also used just one as a focal point in this collage piece, “Golden Garden,” that I also finished this week. mixed media collage 12 by 12 inches

It’s the little red square floating in the golden pool. Just right.

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